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 TGC Guitar Cleaner

Carefully formulated for use on the finest finishes, TGC Guitar Cleaner contains no silicone, wax, or abrasives and will not damage any finish when properly applied.


Available in 2 oz. blue glass pump spray.

2 oz. blue glass pump spray $ 6.49 + Shipping



TGC String and Fretboard Conditioner

An Exceptional product, TGC String and Fretboard Conditioner will neutralize acids, clean, and prolong the life of your strings and fretboard.  Its friction reducing qualities can also help reduce player fatigue. 


Available as a complete kit including:  one 1/2 oz. blue glass dropper bottle of String and Fretboard Conditioner, one pre-treated 3 1/3' x 5" String and Fretboard Conditioner Pad in tin container, one 4" x 6 1/2" Hydroweave Cloth, and instructions. 

String and Fretboard Conditioner Kit $9.99 + Shipping



Guitar String Cutters

We have located what we believe to be the BEST string cutters in the world.  They are perhaps not as fancy as some or as compact as others, but after using them you will agree that they are the easiest to use and make the cleanest cut.  These cutters were designed to cut music wire for use in the aerospace industry and carry a lifetime warranty.

String Cutters $18.49 + Shipping



TGC Guitar Polish

Our polish is made with the finest micro aluminum oxide powders available and comes in two types:

Blue - 1 micron precision optical grade polish.  Designed to  enhance the luster and remove light scuff marks on well kept guitars.  Leaves a swirl free finish when properly applied.


Red - 3 micron polish, made with the same family of polishing media used to polish the windows on the Gemini and Apollo spacecraft.  Designed to remove light scratches.  Follow up with our Blue polish to refine the surface and bring out the shine.


Our polishes  contain no silicone, wax or harmful chemicals.


Both the TGC Guitar Polish Blue and TGC Guitar Polish Red are available in a kit form including: one 2 oz. jar of TGC Guitar Polish, one 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" natural wool felt polishing pad, and instructions.   Retail price $12.79  Buy online and save
Guitar Polish Kit  - Red $11.59 + Shipping

Guitar Polish Kit - Blue

$11.59 + Shipping




TGC Guitar Cloths and Pads


Ultra Guitar Cloth

The ultimate in guitar care cloths.  You will immediately appreciate the superior qualities of the TGC Ultra Cloth.  Use with TGC Guitar Cleaner or alone to remove fingerprints and smudges from your guitar after each time you play.  100% polyester microfiber. 

Available in 8" x 10" size.


Ultra Guitar Cloth 8" x 10" $ 5.99 + Shipping



Micro-Loop Cloth

The TGC Micro-Loop Cloth is particularly well suited for use with TGC Guitar Case Cleaner.  You will also enjoy the fast work that it makes of buffing out your guitar after using TGC Guitar Polish.  It is also suitable for use on your instrument for everyday cleaning.  80% polyester 20% polyamide microfiber

Available in 16" x 16" size.


Micro-Loop Cloth 16" x 16"

$ 5.99 + Shipping



TGC Tuning Forks

These tuning forks are the best available. They are carefully crafted in Sheffield, England by the same company since 1840. These world renowned blued steel tuning forks are made from hardened and tempered steel and individually calibrated to produce a pure tone with long sustain.


Tuning Fork -- A440 $16.49 + Shipping



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