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How to make a fully shielded connection in shielded audio cable

Needed tools and supplies.

Soldering iron -- 30 watt with fine tip

Solder -- rosin core, small diameter (.032")

X-Acto knife or similar to strip insulation and cut tape

Straight pin or similar to separate braided shield wires

Electrical tape --  I think that 3M Scotch Super 33 is the best

Copper tape -- available at most craft stores in the stained glass department

Heat shrink tubing -- electrical tape will work just fine, but the heat shrink looks better

Heat source to shrink the heat shrink tubing -- a cigarette lighter works nicely

Strip the outer jacket/insulation back about 5/8". 

Be careful not to damage the shield wires.


If using braided shield cable, use a straight pin or similar tool to separate the shield wires for about 1/2".

Be careful not to damage the wires.


Twist the shield wires and fold them back along the cable.


Strip the center conductor back about 3/16".


If using heat shrink tubing to insulate this connection, now is the time to slide the tubing over one of the cables.


Join the center conductors with solder.


Insulate the soldered connection using a small strip of good quality electrical tape or apply heat to shrink the heat shrink tubing if you use that form of insulation.


Wrap the insulated solder connection and the twisted/folded shield wires with copper tape and solder the shield wires to the copper tape on both sides of the copper tape.


Slide the heat shrink tubing over the completed connection and apply heat as needed to shrink the tubing and insulate the cable.


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