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Vintage Pickup Systems Using

The "Vintage Jack"

Tapastring Guitar Care has partnered with the following companies to create non-invasive ready to install pickup systems for Vintage Instruments.


Pick-up the World

The Vintage Pickup System


Now you can enjoy the benefits of having a pickup system installed in your instrument without drilling or modifying anything!
Pick-up the World has designed an entire line of pickups specifically for this application. These pickups are sized to be inserted through the endpin hole and come ready to install. No soldering, no fuss, no muss!
With this system, you can properly install pickups in your instrument without having to drill out the end pin hole or use some other less than ideal method. 
Choose from four unique pickup configurations to get the Vintage Pickup System that best fits your own special requirements.


Visit http://www.pick-uptheworld.com or Contact David putw@centurytel.net or 719-742-5303

for additional information and to place your order.




K&K Sound




K&K has incorporated the "Vintage Jack" as an option for their line of guitar pickups.  Now you can get that K&K sound without having to alter you favorite vintage instrument.  These pickups are equipped with a mini jack that mates with a matching mini plug on the "Vintage Jack".  Installation could not be easier -- remove your endpin, feed the cable and mini plug from the "Vintage Jack" through the endpin hole, seat the "Vintage Jack" into place, install the K&K pickups through the sound hole in the normal fashion, secure the mini jack to the side of your guitar, connect the mini plug and you are done!


Visit http://www.kksound.com or

Contact Dieter dieter@kksound.com or 541-888-3517 x808

for additional information and to place your order.


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